Email LoHiFi to reserve any of the following and arrange pickup from our Dartmouth location.

IMPORTANT: Though we will do our best to ensure that the equipment is safe and in working order at the time of rental, these items have all been well used and some are over 40 years old. We rent them 'as is' with no guarentee of any kind. We are not responsible for injuries or loss of income resulting from the failure of any of these items.

Projectors and Accessories

Epson HD Digital Projector
Comes with:
  • Remote
  • Serial Adaptor for Mac
  • Serial/hdmi cables
  • Attractive carrying case
  • Power cable

Sharp SD Digital Projector
Comes with:
  • Remote
  • Serial Cable
  • Unattractive carrying bag
  • Power cable

Oldie-tyme Overhead Projectors
Comes with:

  • A sense of nostalgia

$20/week each

Ancient Slide Projector
Comes with:
  • Wired Remote (only advances slides forward)
  • Power Cable
  • Carrying bag

Projector Box
  • Fits Both Our Digital Projectors
  • Soon to include a C-Clamp

Old Projection Screen
  • A bit fragile
  • A good condition period piece
  • Reflects projected light very well

Chairs and Stools

3 Padded High Stools
  • 30" tall
  • Fold for transport
$20/week for set of 3

5 Tall Chairs with Backs
  • 4 X 29" tall
  • 1 X 26" tall
  • Fold for transport
$30/week for set of 5

Riser with Locking Castors
  • 77" X 31" X 28"
  • 6 locking castors
  • Can support 2 humans
  • Open side for prop storage
  • Requires a truck and two humans to transport

Riser Step
  • 24" X 16" X 10"
  • For ascending risers
  • Solid construction