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LoHiFi’s Automatown Brings Mechanized Magic to Nocturne Ten

On October 14th from 6pm-midnight, stop by AUTOMATOWN at the LoHiFi Lab and step into intricate automated worlds created by LoHiFi Productions.

Be a human interloper in “Hump’s Insect Boxing Gym”, a tough 50s-esque boxing club for bugs. Originally created as a puppet set for LoHiFi’s award-winning production of Hardboiled: A Sal Dali Crime Tale in 2015, the gym and its athletic insects have now been fully automatized.

Enter the Mass Scanignosis Clinic and experience firsthand the future of automated healthcare. Watch as x-rays come to life, revealing mysteries inside the human form. Participants can then move behind the scenes to get a close-up view of the gears and cams that make it all work. This installation was initially commissioned by Edmonton’s Theatre Yes in 2016 as part of their pan-Canadian collaborative production, Anxiety.

 Automatown is an immersive installation demonstrating LoHiFi’s ability to create worlds on different scales using low and high-tech methods. LoHiFi i…

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